Android Apps
Android Apps

We have delivered thousands of Android app downloads for organisations.
Find out more on Android Apps and access new customers.

iPad Apps
iPad Apps

There are millions of iPads in the UK, get your company connected using this medium.
Deliver content for customers on iPad and tablets.

Mobile Web Sites
Mobile Web Sites

We have delivered optimisied mobile web sites across the Thomas Cook Group.
Improve mobile users experience and increase mobile customers conversion rate.

Bespoke Software

VSI-thinking has a strong background in developing software for the web, but also for mobile, desktop and server platforms. We have decades of combined experience in the software industry, stretching back before the dawn of the web. Some of our large scale eBusiness solutions have helped businesses save millions, such as Thomas Cook - who we helped save over £1million in 2005/06 alone, and drastically increase bookings, as we have for CMT Learning who have seen a 100% increase in online bookings for their English language programme in the last year.

We have developed stock control systems for retail, integration for many varied system architectures and have our own XML web services solution.

Stock Control

Our stock control systems have a wide variety of functionality to help manage your supply chain, order processing, warehousing and distribution. Together with financial and budget management applications the VSI-thinking solution is comprehensive.


Our software development experience has given us exposure to many IT systems, from SAP to batch processing. VSI-thinking is often chosen by clients for web projects because of strength in this area. Below are companies for which we have undertaken integration work;

SAP / SAGE / Opera / eDailog / Micros Fidelio / Oracle / Trip Advisor / Travelink / Concept

Web Services

Our web services architecture has provide very popular in recent years. This XML based platform independent architecture is ideally suitable to passing information between systems that could not otherwise be easily integrated. Our reservation/booking solutions and content management systems have web services wrappers. This allows authorised third parties (eg web developers/affiliate programs) the ability to access to your availability database, eCommerce products or web content without compromising your security or data integrity.

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