Manchester United Soccer Schools
Manchester United Soccer Schools

Our multi-lingual booking system helped achieve 100% year on year bookings for the English language programme.
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Mobile Video
Mobile Video

Video streamed in real-time to any device, for any bandwidth and optimised to all screen sizes automatically.
Energise your content with mobile video and on desktop.

Thomas Cook Group
Thomas Cook Group

Our video, web, mobile optimised and mobile app technologies are used across the group.
We can help you deliver content more effectively to your customers.

One of the key aspects of the new Neilson web site design is the navigation. The navigation is specifically designed to work with mobiles and tablet, where there is no ‘hover over’ state as with a mouse. Most web sites will feature a second level navigation that is revealed as you move your mouse over a main menu item. However, on tablets and mobiles there is no equivalent as your finger is treated as a click.

Some sites create two user experiences, one for desktop computers and another for mobile devices. This approach can lead to confusion about how the site will work as you move between the two. However, the Neilson site introduces an operator to the user interface (UI), which invokes the action of a pull down menu. This is a more natural and expected UI experience and helps customers leap into the web site with more certainty.

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