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Following our recent article on the Impact of Android, we have compiled a list of our favourite work related Android apps that we have used over the last 12 months. So in no particular order ....

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

Swiftkey 3 Keyboard SwiftKey 3 is a keyboard app designed to replace the stock keyboard that comes on Android devices. Its a very useful predictive text keyboard that scans anything you type to predict common phrases – for example if you often answer “OK see you there” upon typing O you’d get “OK”, then automatically without any input it would suggest “see”, then the rest so it learns from the way you type and it's surprisingly accurate.

This tool is fantastic in improving your texting speeds and has saved one of our developers over 18k keystrokes this year so far.


Dropbox Logo Dropbox is ideal for transferring screenshots and files from your mobile to computers and vice versa. Uploaded files can be accessed from mobile, via or by downloading software on a computer so if you edit a file on your PC and you need to leave your PC, it's available on your mobile via the Dropxbox app.

The standard free space is 2GB, but this can be expanded in several ways for example recommending Dropbox to other people. For larger storeage, various upgrade options are available.

Catch Notes

Catch Logo Catch Notes is a free note taking app that allows you to add notes, check-lists, voice memos and more, all in one place. All notes can be password protected with a pin number and personal reminders can be easily created. The Time Tech list Catch Notes as one of the best 25 apps to get you started.

Catch Notes is not just for personal use, shared spaces can be securely created with friends or colleagues and all notes are synced across all devices via

Catch Notes is available for mobile and tablet, although the tablet version is a little behind the mobile version however the tablet version is being developed. Everything is backed up accross all devices so any notes added to one device are available on any other devices.


Skyscanner Logo Skyscanner is a free app that allows you to compare over 1000 airlines giving you the opportunity to find the lowest prices. The easy to use app allows you to email flight details to yourself and buy air tickets direct from airlines or travel agents. It is a great free app if you travel internationally on a regular basis.


Linkedin Logo LinkedIn is a professional social network. The app allows you to access all the people in your network, sync your calendar and edit your profile. The app has a great interface and is a handy way of keeping up to date with all of your connections on the move.

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