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Android Banner The wide adoption of smartphones and rapid uptake of tablets are drastically shifting how people consume content online. According to comScore Device Essentials, mobile phones and tablets accounted for a combined 13.3% of total Internet page views in August 2012, nearly doubling their share of traffic in just one year.

A recent Forbes article that analysed 42 billion page views has reinforced this claim by that Tablets and smartphones together account for nearly 15% of site traffic. However considering that smartphone users use both web sites and native applications, this number likely understates the importance of delivering a high quality mobile experience as native apps would be used.

Tablets and smartphones together account for nearly 15% of site traffic.

The Rise of Android

Android accounted for 52.9% of web site traffic , followed by iOS (iPhone) with 33.2%. Between them Android and iOS command more than 86% of the mobile market and in 2012 hold a virtual duopoly on the mobile smartphone platform market.

However over the past 12 months, Google's Android platform has positioned itself in the lead in the smartphone mobile operating system race, thanks in large part to a broad selection of devices from a wide range of handset manufacturers, most notably Samsung and HTC. With a variety of manufacturers competing on price, styles and functionality on the same platform, Android has evolved to become the largest mobile platform with a variety of styles of phone with prices that suit all consumers. The competitive environment of manufacturers battling against one another has improved the quality of the offering so much so that many independent reviewers such as PC Pro and Tech radar have placed an Android phone as the best mobile phone currently on offer.

5 Interesting Android Facts

  • The Android platform is Open Source
  • The first commercial version of android was released on September 23 2008
  • Number of Android apps in the Play market: 581794 (6th December 2012)
  • Top Android Phone : Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3 with 8.1% each (6th December 2012)
  • Most popular version: 2.3 (Gingerbread) installed on 42.2% of Android phones (6th December 2012)

How VSI-Thinking has Improved Android user's experience

At VSI-Thinking, we are aware of the changes in how users want to consume their content and in the past 12 months have embarked on a number of mobile projects that enhance the experience for users of the Android platform. Here are 3 brief case studies of how our technologies have transformed 3 different companies Android mobile offering :

1) Brochure Store Android App

The Brochure Store app allows you to browse for your next holiday wherever you are by putting Thomas Cook's library of brochures on your smartphone or tablet. The simple to use app uses intuitive swipes and taps but also utilises a range of rich features. A search function allows users to find brochures relating to a specific destination. Once downloaded, the brochures can be scrolled through with a simple swipe or users can quickly navigate to specific section by using the scrollbar and jump to page feature.

The Brochure Store Android app has more than 10,000 downloads from Google Play. The popularity of the mobile app has allowed Thomas Cook to reduce the brochure print run and save significant costs. You can download the Brochure Store app from Google Play.

2) Thomas Cook Videos Responsive Design

The new Thomas Cook Videos website, utilises the latest responsive design technologies that automatically delivers a tailored experience for the device currently being used. By utilising responsive design this ensures the customer gets the best layout and the most efficient experience for their device; so a user viewing the website on an Android tablet will get a large scale, touch optimised version of the website, whereas someone viewing the website on their mobile phone would see a quick loading, simplistic format. The video stream instantly adapts to your phone and bandwidth to give the best picture possible, choosing a platform specific player to embed and the appropriate bit stream. For more information, take a look at our recent blog on Thomas Cook Videos Responsive Design.

3) Integrating with Android Google Shopping App

Our web shopping module allows seamless integration to Google's product feed and as a result allows your products to be sold through additional mediums with no additional effort and cost. If you are looking to purchase Gifts for Climbers on your phone, you can now purchase the complete Up and Under product range using the Free Google Shopper Android App.

Google Play Shopping App featuring Up and Under products

If you would like more information on how VSI-thinking can help you enhance your mobile experience, please don't hesitate in getting in contact with us using the enquiry form or on 02920 331188.

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